Culture & Values

We are lucky to work in an industry that produces a significant physical end product in relatively short time frames, there is great job satisfaction available in what we do. Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the way in which we conduct ourselves. They define what it means to work at Engage Construction, regardless of where we work or what we do. The following summarises the three key values espoused in our working culture:

Health & Safety

Health and safety is firmly at the heart of the Engage Construction ethos.
Driven by our ‘Aire/ Care ’value, we continually strive to build a proactive culture that reaches every level and environment of our organisation.

Many construction related activities are risky in nature. Risk Management and mitigation is at the heart of our approach to ensuring the Health & Safety of staff and project stakeholders. We recognise that effective & engaging communication is critical in the deployment of risk mitigation measures necessary in our day to day operations. Health & Safety will always be the top item on our internal and client facing meetings and regular interventions are arranged to keep the project team updated on changing approaches and upcoming risks encountered on our projects.

Our commitment to Health and Safety is reflected in the award of ISO45001 certification for our Safety Management System.


The delivery of quality product is crucial towards our goal of maintaining our reputation for best in class value.  The integration of a quality based approach into our work also ensures that work is completed on a ‘do it right first time’ basis leading to overall efficiency and cost savings.  We have devised a Quality Management System which incorporates documented intervention checks which we complete with client construction management staff to ensure remediation actions are completed in a timely manner.

We have experience of delivering projects under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations and, as builder, work with designers and assigned certifiers to ensure the efficient management of the BC(A)R process.

Our commitment to Quality is reflected in the award of ISO9001 certification for our Quality Management System.


We take a holistic approach to sustainability and social responsibility.  We strive to build more resilient infrastructure and more durable, low-carbon assets.  By working with our supply chain and clients, we are minimising landfill waste, material and water use, while increasing recycling opportunities and trialling new products with high-recycled content.

We recognise that protection of the environment is integral to our business. We are committed to undertaking works in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Environmental Management System is currently under upgrade and development towards our application for ISO14001 certification.

Memberships & Accreditations

We enjoy the continual improvement benefits available through membership of industry organisations. Engage Construction are active members of the Construction Industry Federation, Construction Industry Register Ireland.

We have successfully attained certification to the following standards:

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