Sufficient capital reserves currently held in the company to serve cash flow exposure anticipated on projects ranging in value to €3m for 2018, with plan to build resources to allow consideration for projects to €10m value.

Fully insured with:

−Public Liability Indemnity Limit @ €6.5m

−Product Liability Indemnity Limit @ €6.5m

−Employers Liability Indemnity Limit @ €13m

VAT Registered


Panel of proven trade sub-contractors across all construction specialities

Maintain a core in-house staff to cover project management activities


Civil Engineering Plant includes Tracked Excavator, Rubber Tyred Digger and Tractor/Trailer combinations.

Stock of  in-house Construction small tools and equipment.

Supply Chain:

Customer accounts and credit terms established with all main construction material and service provider companies including Builders Providers, Concrete Products and Aggregates, Labour Agencies, Plant Hire etc.